Will I have the same person coming to help me with my homecare support each time?

Yes, as far as possible. Obviously if you are having someone regularly, and they are sick or on holiday, we will arrange for someone else to come, if that is what you want.

If I needed more help or homecare support at short notice, would this be available ?

Yes, generally we can arrange for your helper to be there at other times, or even to stay longer if you need that on a particular occasion.   It is helpful to give us as much notice as you can, so that we can arrange this.

What happens if I don`t like the person you send for my homecare? Can I ask for someone else?

Yes, of course.  You are the person in charge and can choose who you want and don’t want.  It is always helpful for us to know, and different people get on better with some than with others.

Do your staff wear a uniform ? Do they have an identity card?

Yes, all our helpers are employed by McSence Home Help, with training and references taken up. We have a blue top as uniform with a Mcsence Help in Home logo on it, and all our helpers have a Home Help identity card to prove who they are.  If in any doubt, please ring our office on the number below to check.

Is there a minimum time or cost that I am committed to, when I agree the homecare support can start?   How do I end the service if I don`t need it any more?

There is no minimum time, and you can end the visits at any time.  You can try us out for a visit or two, or we can come for a week`s visits while you recover from a period in hospital, and then stop when you are well again. We are there to help, when you need us for as long as you need us.