Case Studies

Christine’s father, Jerry liked his independence and was able to stay on his own and look after himself but enjoyed the company of his daughter who visited regularly and also did some tasks such as hoovering and ironing and making the odd snack. Mostly though Christine kept her dad up to date with family news and news in general. Jerry’s general health was good and he was not able to claim any funding for home help or care.

Jerry enjoyed the company but Christine’s job was suddenly relocated and Christine was concerned for her father. Christine had read our article in the local paper, while she was on the internet, publicising our new Help in Home service. This was exactly what Christine was looking for.

Jerry now enjoys regular visits from the Help in Home carer and is well looked after. He looks forward to the visits. Christine is happy that her father is looked after and is happy to pay the reasonable rates for ensuring her father is not left alone and gets a chance to catch up on local gossip.

Jerry also now attends community functions organised by McSence and particularly enjoyed the recent night put on by the McSence Entertainment group where singers provided the main entertainment for the evening.